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Coaches and Coach Training Providers Accreditation Body, creating excellence in the coaching profession.

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The ECI formed in 1999 as a not-for-profit organisation to be a force for good in coaching; was founded by and continues to be run by professional Coaches.

The ECI is an internationally focused organisation; building, maintaining, raising awareness, and working to promote best practice, while providing value added benefits to its Members.

Coaching clients are able to choose their own Coach from the ECI’s directory of Accredited Coaches. The skill sets, competencies, standards and ethics demonstrated by the ECI’s Coaches have been designed by mutual agreement between qualified Coaches from across the world.

For students and future students of coaching, the ECI provides you with the
opportunity to find an Accredited Course/Workshop that has been independently
verified by the ECI through the Accredited Coach Training courses and workshops.

Current Members login to the Members area to access Member only information.

Future Members. To become a Member of an international coaching body, select to Join the ECI.

Coaching is an exciting industry, continually growing and is on the cutting-edge of professional development and change. What does the ECI have to offer for future members?

Membership Benefits will explain what the ECI has to offer. Joining the ECI allows
you to select your level of membership:

  • Associate Membership is a membership option open to anyone with an interest in
  • Associate Membership is a membership option open to students of coaching.
  • Accredited Membership provides each coach with the chance to represent their
    training and experience with an internationally recognised standard.

Training Organisations have the opportunity to represent their coaching course (full,
foundation, or short) or workshop with an independent review. The ECI
Course/Workshop Accreditation is only awarded to those training courses/workshops
that meet or exceed the standards as specified. Join the ECI allows each training
organisation to apply to have their course or workshop independently verified. Coach
allows you to view the courses and workshops currently accredited.

The ECI has an Affiliate Programme
which allows national organisations to affiliate
with an international organisation. This provides
the membership of the Affiliate Organisation
with the same level of benefits as those awarded
to the ECI’s Members. Please contact us
for further details.

The purpose of the ECI is to:

  1. protect coaching standards,
  2. promote coaching as a professional industry,
  3. to internationally educate individuals, organisations and the media about the
    ECI’s Standards and Ethics of Coaching,
  4. be a source of information to its members,
  5. be a source of information to the public and to its subscribers about coaching,
  6. be a source of information about the history and development of coaching,
  7. be a source of information about how coaching can be usefully applied,
  8. to explain how each individual can select their own coach,
  9. to explain how organisations can select their coaches,
  10. provide a coach referral service that allows you to select the right qualified and
    accredited coach for you and/or your organisation,
  11. provide a coaching forum for its members,
  12. provide business building support to its members,
  13. provide Research and Development white papers to its members,
  14. represent Coaching to Statutory Bodies, Country and International governments,
    other professional associations, and to the media, and
  15. to build and maintain the one and only all encompassing International Register of

The ECI does not work in competition with other international accreditation or coaching
organisations, but will co-operate with and support any other organisation that has the
same purpose in mind.

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