Europe’s Accreditation Body for Coaches and Coach Training Providers

Continuing improvement in Coaching has been a major concern of the ECI since 2000. Voluntary accreditation is enshrined in ECI policy, but in several European countries steps are being taken on national level towards mandatory accreditation, coupled with legal or professional re-certification or re-licensing and the establishment of an industry standard promoted within all areas of work. This will lead towards an increasing need for a European standard of accreditation, obtained by individual Coaches and Coach training companies. In 1999 a group of concerned coaches decided to establish The ECI. 

The ECI will facilitate access to quality accreditation for European coaches, contribute to the quality of accreditation in Europe and ensure the availability of a high standard of coach training. 

Quality control of Coaching and coach training is a key element in this process. It was decided to effect this by the formation of a governing body catering specifically for the European Coaching profession, using the expertise of existing European coaches active in this field. 

The ECI in everyday practice with one important addition carries this out. It is the importance of the need to get the profession of Coaching acknowledged and regulated at a National Government and European level.