Barbara J. Dalpra, MNMC, FECI

Deputy C.E.O.                      

The Nyasa Partnership Limited. 

Barbara J. Dalpra combines her extensive background and experience with a keen insight into the demands of balancing the personal and the professional.

Barbara is the founder of The Nyasa Partnership Limited. The Nyasa Partnership provides Executive and Life Coaching, Spiritual Intuition, Mentoring and The Work/Life Balance Programme.

Barbara is a fully trained coach and has over 20-years experience of working with individuals, teams of people, goals, aspirations, dreams, desires and successful outcomes. Her career started in the more traditional roles of accounting and IT – auditing, accounting, financial analysis, business process engineering, IT consulting, IT project managing, and IT programme managing.

Barbara’s experience has been gained while both living and working abroad, and through working in a wide range of industries – these include Retail, Distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Property, Oil, Agriculture, Airports, Auditing, Banking, Telecommunications, and Television.

Clients hold Barbara in high esteem. Her style of coaching makes the possibility of sustainable change compelling, exciting and achievable. Her style while working with Spiritual Intuition makes the knowledge of your future clear, inviting and achievable.

Barbara’s passion in life is to ensure that her clients, colleagues, family, and friends become the best they can in all aspects of their lives. She is an advocate of achieving in every arena of life.

Client Testimonials

BBC TV interviews, presenting at Business Link events, presenting at Chamber of Commerce events, in-house company training, facilitating women’s forums, and one-2-one coaching means that many owners, managers, staff, individuals, and organisations have benefited from Barbara’s coaching.

Get ahead, Get a Coach… ‘Barbara made me realise it was actually possible to do everything, as I’d reached a point where I simply couldn’t do it all. By laying it all out in front of me, and working out a structured plan, it gave me the confidence to be able to deal with all the issues and be productive.’ MH, Elysian Holidays Ltd.

Barbara has helped me to evaluate my business and private life, to understand what is important to me, and to establish goals. Barbara has and is providing support, coaching and mentoring throughout. 
Barbara is very professional in all her dealings with me as a Coach, she listens, she questions, she is supportive, she challenges my thinking constructively and at all times I know that her confidentiality is guaranteed. 
I would recommend Barbara to anyone looking for a Coach. She gives her total commitment to you, and if you work with her you can make changes in your life. 
SR, Xansa

One feels one can through these simple steps change the course of one’s life. EE, London Beach Golf Hotel

This programme has helped me to stop and think about what I do and what is important. But more importantly it has allowed me to take that first practical step in achieving my goals. MP, World Wide Communications

When I actually looked at where I spent my time, I realised it wasn’t where I thought and what I wanted to spent it on. Now I can start to make a change. JJ, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

Coaching definitely encourages one to ask quality questions – and it’s only from quality questions will one get the right solutions. RC, Waring & Partners

Coaching has helped me to identify the ‘unaccounted hours’ in my week and to positively utilise them in trying to achieve my life goals. TW

For anyone wanting to push forward and achieve business and personal goals there is no better starting point. NL, Lofting Consulting

An eye opening and realistic approach to setting about changing your life. ‘It’s simple if you know how.’ JK, Springclean Suppliers

When I completed the priorities exercise I felt shocked to see how much time I wasn’t devoting to certain aspects of my life. I have been on the treadmill hitherto and this is my first step to jumping off it! JW

Deciding to come to this specific programme, started/helped the change in my attitude/character already. KH, Wood You Like

Coaching opens your mind to all possibilities. DW, Fresh Del Monte

This is a very constructive programme that helps you formulate what you have in the very bottom of your heart, ready to jump but nobody else than you can do it – with this little amazing HELP! SC, Alexanna

Everybody should do this programme. It make me think. CB

It is very useful to be made to analyse how one allocated one’s time and to refocus one’s priorities. LS, Swiftwork Ltd.

Skills and Areas of Expertise

  • One-2-One Business coaching
  • One-2-One Life coaching
  • One-2-One Time Management and Prioritisation coaching
  • The Backbone of Your Business Programme
  • Goal setting – turning dreams and aspirations into SMARTER goals
  • Goal achievement – turning SMARTER goals into reality
  • Business Finance
  • Business Management
  • IT Programme/Project Management

Qualifications, Accreditations, and Memberships 

Master Coach (Distinction) – Noble Manhattan Coaching
Time Line Therapy┼Ż Practitioner – The Lazarus Consultancy
NLP Practitioner – Newham College
IT Programme/Project Management
Business Mentoring
Presentation Skills
Accredited Fellow Coach (ECI)
Member of the ICF
Business Mentor for The Prince’s Trust
various Chambers of Commerce
various Business Clubs
author of The Backbone of Your Business.