Gerard O’Donovan FECI

Principal – Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd. 

Following his years in the Royal Marines he began his business career as a financial advisor. His entrepreneurial skills soon revealed themselves as he developed his own company. Over the last seventeen years he has been instrumental in establishing several more companies and taking them from inception to extraordinary high levels of turnover.

Standing ovations demonstrate how effectively Gerard inspires his audiences with the penetrating insight and practical wisdom acquired through years of active business development, corporate management, training and interpersonal communications.

A renowned and widely enjoyed public speaker Gerard does not talk only of ‘text book’ theories. Whilst well educated in business philosophies, he maintains that it is his practical, real-life experiences that gives him that all-important edge over the ‘never-done-it-myself’ trainer. His personal view is that only true experience combined with educational material can provide the all round approach that enables one to be able to truly relate to, and help, people and businesses solve their problems and improve their outlook. It remains the case that Gerard still runs two international organisations, managing over 4,000 people.

His unique training style and insight into business building philosophies coupled with his boundless energy, makes him one of the best of only a small number of professional consultants and peak performance coaches who have actually done it themselves. Not only does he travel the world developing and consulting with businesses and individuals but also currently owns and runs two large businesses himself. One of these he started in November 1995 and within 12 months developed into an organisation of over 3,000 people working within 11 countries world-wide.

He specialises in helping people to achieve peak performance in everything they do. Although he covers a broad spectrum of topics he specialises in helping and coaching individuals and businesses using techniques incorporating accelerated learning skills. Goal achievement, stress management, time management and helping corporations to increase profits massively through increased sales and personal performance are just a few of the areas in which he works. His unique training and teaching has been proven again and again to make a lasting difference. When working with corporations and individuals Gerard’s mission is very simple – he will be your guide on your quest to be all that you can be.

Gerard O’Donovan’s skills have also been recognised by the Princes Youth Business Trust, set up by Prince Charles. The PYBT approached Gerard offering him a post as mentor. In this challenging role, Gerard helps young people to produce a business plan, seek funding and monitors progress, advising and steering each person in the right direction. Gerard particularly enjoys this role and takes pleasure in nurturing a new idea and watching it grow into a successful business.

As the owner and C.E.O. of Noble Manhattan, a successful company that wants to share its success with you, his motto is Fortune Favours the Prepared Mind. Gerard also helps people through individual life coaching, which is very often done over the telephone following a personal interview.

This life-coaching programme is one that is achieving success in many countries around the world.